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All right!

2008-03-16 13:28:08 by sora120592

YES, my awsome friend has taken the time to draw
a bit for me. This is stil a early version and he has
only drawn a car, but the fact that we've progessed
is awsome!!!

just wanted to let you know.

All right!


2008-03-11 12:32:18 by sora120592

Im Working on a Big project with one of my friends.
this is a mix og GTA 2 and Need For Speed Underground 2.
said that you see it like GTA 2, but it racing not random killing sprees.
and as you can see on the picture. my friend haven't been over the game
with his awsome drawing skills. This is a version with a bit of the coding only.


I'm NEW :P

2007-12-27 22:27:22 by sora120592

So... where to begin. i've allways been a big fan and user of
newgrounds, so I thougt to my self.
"why not post some of my crap on newgrounds, so I could
show it to my friends any time"
so i did that, but what i didn't expect was the massive numbers
of very useful reviews in under an hour.
and i got to give it to all you guys out there, thx for making
newground a good place to post my crap.

BTW i've just updatet the Excuse Generator from 3.25 to 4.3
it inludes some more interactives.

this is Sora 120592 signing out! :P